The evening will consist of short Emaan boosting lectures, mesmerising Qur'an recitation by Quraa' from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Charity fundraising, auction and much more!


- Qur'an recitation
- Short Emaan boosting lectures
- Charity Auction/ Fundraising (Interpal)

Itinerary of the day

4:00pm Doors Open

4:45pm Welcome address

5.00pm Qur’an Recitation

5:10pm Lecture 1: Short Emaan booster

5.35pm Qur’an Recitation

5.45pm Lecture 2: Short Emaan booster

6:10pm Salaatul ‘Asr

6.30pm Qur’an Recitation

6.40pm Lecture 3: Short Emaan booster

7:00pm Qur’an Recitation

7.10pm Lecture 3: Short Emaan booster

7.30pm Interpal Charity appeal

8.50pm Closing statements by chair

8.55pm Break Fast, Salaatul Maghrib Jama'ah

9.15pm Main food served


Please kindly book tickets only if you are 100% sure you are able to attend the Iftar Gathering.

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